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What is TELUS National?
How much does TELUS cost?
What are the system requirements?
Do I have to purchase MS Access 2000?
Why do I get the error “*/Cannot find or load the file RoboEx32.dll. This file should be copied to C:\WINDOWS\ System32 or a directory in your PATH/*.” Or */“An error exists in this Help file. Contact your application vendor for an updated Help file. (1024)”/*?

When the intallation disk in inserted, the setup program could not find MSVBVM60.dll or Autorun.exe. The setup was aborted
How do I obtain a login name and password to start TELUS?
How do I obtain a Registration key for TELUS?

When clicking on the TELUS icon, the following error message appears: "Can't open database C:\Progra~1\TELUS_~1\ TELUS.MDW. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt."
After installing TELUS, what should you do when the dialog box pops up saying, "Couldn't reattach table Categories"?

When I click on the GIS button, I get an out of range error, then the program shuts down.
Can TELUS read/import GIS file types other than ESRI Shape format (e.g. TransCAD files)?

If you have Access97 on your computer, go in for Telus Installation along with Access 2000 Runtime provided by Telus and then uninstall Telus and Access Runtime, your MSAccess 97 is unable to start. What should you do when you get the error "Can't find the file mso9.dll"? It doesn't help even if you try to reinstall Access97 again.

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