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When the intallation disk in inserted, the setup program could not find MSVBVM60.dll or Autorun.exe. The setup was aborted

The installation programs for the TELUS Stand Alone or Network options and for MS Access runtime can be accessed directly from the CD-ROM. Using MS Explorer, double-click on the setup.exe program in the appropriate subdirectory.

How do I obtain a login name and password to start TELUS?

For security reasons, we don't give out the password in the User's manual or on our website Support page. The TELUS login and password were sent in a TELUS STARTUP Sheet that was enclosed alongwith the covering letter and the product. If you have lost the sheet and would like to procure the same, kindly contact us at 973-596-5700.

How do I obtain a Registration key for TELUS?

Please register here in order to obtain a Registration key for TELUS

      University Heights | Newark, NJ 07102 | 973.596.5700 | telus@njit.edu