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If you have Access97 on your computer, go in for Telus Installation along with Access 2000 Runtime provided by Telus and then uninstall Telus and Access Runtime, your MSAccess 97 is unable to start. What should you do when you get the error "Can't find the file mso9.dll"? It doesn't help even if you try to reinstall Access97 again.

The cause of the error is that MS Access2000 Runtime has tried to replace the Access dll files for the newer version and the application is still trying to look for MSAccess2000 dll file, even after you have uninstalled it. To resolve the error, follow these steps:
  1. Uninstall Microsoft Access97.
  2. Look for the MSAccess.exe file and rename it.
  3. Look for the Hatten.ttf file and if found, delete it.
  4. Install Microsoft Access97 to a different folder.

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