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Key Features:

  1. Provides current information: Previously information exchange b/w State and MPO was by email or mail of documents. With Web-based TELUS information is available in real time.
  2. Reduce data conversion when sharing information with the State: Since data access is direct and the user interface is standard, all data is in one common format.
  3. Data standardization between MPOs: All the MPOs will share the same data source hence there will be a standardization of data b/w MPOs.
  4. Automate the generation of the STIP/TIP: The generation of the TIP and STIP has been automated in the web-based system.
  5. Provides a user-friendly interface: Since the user interacts with the application through a web browser, the user interface is extremely simple (web-sites rarely come with user manuals).
  6. Easier maintenance: Since there is only one copy of the system residing at the server, any changes that need to be made will be made to that single copy and all changes will be visible instantaneously. This makes maintenance much simpler than existing systems.

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