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While the project-scoring module scores each project on a variety of factors, the planning-analysis module assesses the extent to which each type of project meets each of the planning objectives. For instance, a 'Major Road Widening' project typically might contribute 50 percent of its cost to accessibility/mobility, 30 percent to safety/security, 10 percent to economic vitality and 10 percent to system maintenance. The planning-analysis module scans all projects and calculates the percentage of projects and total dollars addressing each of the objectives. Table values can be changed if typical projects in the MPO area contribute differently to each objective. Some degree of imbalance in the total number of projects or dollars among objectives is to be expected because of the diverse needs and priorities among MPOs and SDOTs nationwide. Nevertheless, the planning-analysis module is a good mechanism for the MPO or SDOT to demonstrate its consideration of objectives in its planning and programming of transportation improvements.

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